Curriculum Vitae | Paul Zika

Born 1949 Albury, NSW

1968-70 Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne. Associate Diploma (Fine Art - Painting)
1971 Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne. Fellowship Diploma (Fine Art - Painting)
1972 State College of Victoria (Hawthorn). Trained Technical Teacher's Certificate
1974 St Martin's School of Art, London. Certificate of Advanced Studies

Individual Exhibitions/Site Work
1973 ‘Screen Prints’ Chapman Powell Street Gallery, Melbourne
1977 ‘Constructions’ Powell Street Gallery, Melbourne
1982 ‘Paintings & Prints’ University Fine Arts Gallery, Hobart
1983 ‘Recent Paintings’ Christine Abrahams Gallery, Melbourne
1984 ‘Place of Contemplation – related works’ Chameleon Gallery, Hobart
1984/86 ‘Place of Contemplation', Mt Nelson, Hobart
1987 ‘As I Gaze Upon The Mountain’ Roz MacAllan Gallery, Brisbane
Chameleon Galleries, Hobart
1989 ‘Entrances to Xanadu’ Roz MacAllan Gallery, Brisbane
1990 ‘Italian works’ Plimsoll Gallery, Centre for the Arts, Hobart
1992 ‘Artifice’ Chameleon Galleries, Hobart
1996 ‘Monstrances’ Stephen McLaughlan Gallery, Melbourne
1998 ‘from Prague to Barcelona’ Stephen McLaughlan Gallery, Melbourne
2000 ‘Cornucopia’ Stephen McLaughlan Gallery, Melbourne
2002 ‘Fantasia’ Stephen McLaughlan Gallery, Melbourne
2004 ‘Sicilian Arabesques’ Stephen McLaughlan Gallery, Melbourne
2006 ‘Sicilian Arabesques II’ Stephen McLaughlan Gallery, Melbourne
2008 ‘Bolivian Weave’ Stephen McLaughlan Gallery, Melbourne
2009 ‘Home and Away: reconstructing artifice’ Carnegie Gallery, Hobart
2010 ‘Roman Weave’ Stephen McLaughlan, Gallery Melbourne
2012 ‘Terme’ Stephen McLaughlan Gallery, Melbourne
2014 ‘Terme II’ Stephen McLaughlan Gallery, Melbourne
2015 ‘Perception and Deception’ Penny Contemporary Gallery, Hobart
2016 ‘Artist to Artist’ Contemporary Art Tasmania, Hobart
2016 ‘Terme cubed’ Stephen McLaughlan Gallery, Melbourne
2018 ‘Above and Below’ Penny Contemporary Gallery, Hobart
2018 ‘Constellation’ Stephen McLaughlan Gallery, Melbourne
2020 ‘Distant Constellation’ Penny Contemporary Gallery, Hobart

Selected Group Exhibitions
1970 'Eight Students from Victoria', Rudy Komon Gallery, Sydney
1971 'Students Printmakers', Print Council of Australia, Touring Exhibition
1973/86 Print Council of Australia Touring Exhibitions
1977 'George Crouch Jubilee Invitation Exhibition', Ballarat Fine Arts Gallery, Victoria
1980 'Australian Prints', Touring Exhibition - Sweden
'Recent Tasmanian Sculpture and Three Dimensional Art', Fine Art Gallery, University of Tasmania, and Tasmanian School of Art Gallery, Hobart. Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, Launceston
1982 'Australian Screenprints 1982', National Tour
1984 'Australian Contemporary Printmakers', Touring Exhibition - Canada and USA
'Four Contemporary Artists', Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Hobart
1985 'Anzart', Auckland N.Z
1988 'Insites - Art in Public Spaces', Centre for the Arts Gallery, Hobart
'The Gold Coast Invitation Prize', Centre Gallery, Surfers Paradise
1990 'Balance 1990', Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane
'Crossing Over', Darling Downs Institute of Advanced Education, Toowoomba
1992 'New Art Six' Museum of Contemporary Art, Brisbane
1993 ‘21,600 each 24 Hrs.’, Canberra Travelodge, Canberra
‘Australian Perspecta’, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney
1994 ‘Beyond the Surface’, Dick Bett Gallery
1995 ‘Home Made’, Plimsoll Gallery, Centre for the Arts, Hobart
1999 ‘Hobart Art Prize’ Carnegie Gallery, Hobart
2002 ‘Hobart Art Prize’ Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Hobart
‘Pattern as subject’ CAST Gallery, Hobart
‘Transit Narratives’ Centro per La Cultura e La Visive, Venice & Australian venues
2003 ‘Haven’ Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart and touring venues
‘The Barcelona Studio – fragments of a brief history’ Plimsoll Gallery, Hobart
‘Love Letter To China: Drawings by 35 Australian Artists’ Ivan Dougherty Gallery, Sydney and China
2005 ‘Hobart Art Prize’ Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Hobart
2006 ‘Senses of Place: Art in Tasmania, 1970 – 2005’ Plimsoll Gallery, Hobart
2007 ‘European Sensibilities: George Baldessin and his Circle, Castlemaine Art Gallery
2008 ‘Décor’ Glen Eira City Council Gallery, Melbourne
2012 ‘New Art from Tasmania’ James Makin Gallery, Melbourne
‘Hobart Art Prize’ Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Hobart
2013 ‘Tasmania Today’ Academy Gallery, University of Tasmania, Launceston.
‘Domain: A contested Landscape’ Domain House, Hobart
‘The Z Factor’ Plimsoll Gallery, Hobart
2015 ‘New Makings’ Plimsoll Gallery, Hobart
2016 ‘Quiddity’ RMIT Gallery, Melbourne
2018 ‘Abstraction Twentyeighteen’ Stephen McLaughlan Gallery, Melbourne
2018 ‘Beyond The Field (Still)’ Moonah Art Centre and Contemporary Art Tasmania Gallery, Hobart
2019 ‘Formal’ Poimena Gallery, Mowbrey Heights, Launceston
2019 ‘Melbourne Modern: European Art & Design at RMIT since 1945’, RMIT Gallery, Melbourne

1983 Print Council of Australia Member Print
1985/86 'Art in Public Places', Department of Construction (Tasmanian Government)
1995/96 Elizabeth Mall Redevelopment (Hobart City Council)
1996 Wellington Court Redevelopment (Hobart City Council)

Exhibitions Curated
1981 'Landscape - some interpretation of' (with a 6-page catalogue)
1983 'A Place of Contemplation - architectural attitudes to space' (with a 68-page catalogue)
1984 'On site' - co-curated with Jonathan Holmes (with a 36-page catalogue)
1987 'Screenprint; Poster; Ray Arnold' (with a 10 page catalogue)
1988 'Outgrowing Assimilation?' (with an 8 page catalogue)
1991 'The Total Look - locating furniture' (with a 24 page catalogue)
1992 'The Flower' (with a 24 page catalogue)
‘A Life of Blank – works by Imants Tillers’ – co-curated with Pat Brassington
(with a 44 page catalogue)
1993 'Install x 4' (with a 24 page catalogue)
1994 ‘Four Seasons - objects that contain’ (with a 4 page catalogue)
1995 ‘Liquid Voices – Anne Morrison’ (with a 16 page catalogue)
1996 ‘Tangibility? - three installations’ (with a 32 page catalogue)
1997 ‘re : search’ - co curated with Mary Scott (with a 36 page catalogue)
‘Interface 2’ - Stephen Hurrel (with a 32 page catalogue)
1999 ‘Jamboree - Works by Mandy McIntosh’ (with a 10 page catalogue)
2000 ‘Death and Decoration’ (with a 24 page catalogue)
2001 ‘(So many things can happen in a day) – Nathalie de Briey’ (with a 16 page catalogue)
2003 ‘PAINTING Tasmanian Landscape’ (with a 32 page catalogue)
2004 ‘Disorientate – colour, geometry and the body’ (with a 20 page catalogue)
2005 ‘Looking South’ (with a 40 page catalogue)
2007 ‘Full Frontal: images from within the studio’ (with 32 page catalogue)
2008 ‘Dale Hickey: Life in a box (For Ian Potter Museum of Art/University of Melbourne
(with a 40 page catalogue)
Repetitions – co-curated with Sean Kelly (with a 32 page catalogue)
2011 ‘Journeys: through history, theory and practice’ (with 46 page catalogue)
2012 'A World Between: a survey of prints by Milan Milojevic - co-curated with Maria Kunda
(with a 84 page catalogue)
2014 ‘The Brassington Affair co-curated with Maria Kunda
2018 ‘Dark( Other) Times’ – co-curated with Maria Kunda

Public Collections
Artbank Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Ballarat Fine Art Gallery State College of Victoria - Hawthorn
Geelong Art Gallery Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery
Museum of Contemporary Art, Brisbane University of Melbourne
Parliament House Construction Authority, Canberra University of Tasmania
Queensland Art Gallery Victorian Ministry for the Arts

Employment Record
1975/79 Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology/Faculty of Art
- Sessional Lecturer (Painting)
1979/80 Tasmanian College of Advanced Education/Tasmanian School of Art
- Lecturer (Painting and Drawing)
1981/2013 University of Tasmania/Tasmanian School of Art at Hobart
- Senior Tutor/Lecturer/Senior Lecturer (Painting)

Research Grants
1980 Exhibition Grant - "Landscape - some interpretations of"
(Visual Arts Board - Australia Council)
1982 Special Projects Grant (Visual Arts Board - Australia Council)
1982 Preliminary Research on the exhibition "A Place of Contemplation
- architectural attitudes to space (Departmental Research Grant)
Exhibition Grant - "A Place of Contemplation
- architectural attitudes to space
(Visual Arts Board - Australia Council)
1983 "Place of Contemplation" - a site specific structure on Mt Nelson
(Departmental Research Grant)
Exhibition Grant - "On Site" (Visual Arts Board - Australia Council)
1985 “Changing perceptions of space, and the emergence of Abstraction, in early modernist painting”
- a study tour (University Research Grant)
1986 Publication of set of postcards of "Place of Contemplation"
(Departmental Research Grant)
1989 Overseas Development Project Grant
(Visual Arts/Crafts Board - Australia Council)
1990 Exhibition Development Grant - "The Total Look - locating furniture"
(National Exhibitions Touring Scheme (Tasmania))
1991 Exhibition Development Grant - "The Flower".
(National Exhibitions Touring Scheme (Tasmania))
1992 The use of decoration in Franconian Baroque Architecture and
attendance at Documenta IX (Departmental Research Grant)
1994 Preliminary Research on the exhibition, "Tracking Reductive Abstraction. 1965-95."
(Departmental Research Grant)
1996 Small ARC Grant "Decor, Ornament and Fantasy: the Rococo aspect of contemporary art"
(with Edward Colless), University of Tasmania Supplementary Funding.
1997 Overseas Development Grant /Barcelona Studio Residency
(Visual Arts/Craft Fund - Australia Council).
1999 Exhibition Development Grant – “Death and Decoration”.
(National Exhibitions Touring Scheme(Tasmania))
2001 IRGS Grant “A survey and critical analysis of solo exhibitions in Australian Public Galleries”
(with Holmes, Malpas,Hansen,andKunda) University of Tasmania.
2002 ARC Linkage Grant “The Shifting Locus of Artistic Practice: A survey and critical analysis of solo
exhibitions in Australian Public Galleries, 1970-2000 (with Holmes,Malpas,Hansen and Kunda)

(Studio Practice)
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Artist's statements (Exhibition Catalogues)
"Australian Screenprints", Print Council of Australia, Melbourne, 1982
"Place of Contemplation", Chameleon Gallery, Hobart 1984
"As I gaze upon the mountain", Chameleon Galleries, Hobart, 1987
"Insites - Art in Public spaces", Centre for the Arts Gallery, 1988
"Balance 90", Queensland Art Gallery, 1990
“Haven” Salamanca Arts Centre, 2003

(Exhibition Curatorship)
Annette van den Bosch: "On Site", Art-Network, No.14, 1985
Edward Colless: "Outgrowing Assimilation?", Art and Text, No.30, 1988
Edward Colless: "The Total Look: Decor and Ambience", Art and Text, No.41, 1991
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Committee Membership (outside University of Tasmania)
1983/84 Print Council of Australia
1984/85 N.A.V.A. National Advisory Board
1985/86 N.A.V.A. National Board Representative
1985/86 N.E.T.S. (Tasmania) Steering Committee/Interim Management Committee
1990-91 N.E.T.S. (Tasmania) Management Committee